Brenda Tom, piano

Commissioned by Earplay

Andrew Conklin Music Composer Composittion Chamber Music

SITE: YIZKOR - video installation

Work in progress collaboration with Maya Ciarrocchi

Presented at 14th St Y in New York and Sichów Foundation in Poland


SITE: YIZKOR - live performance

Collaboration with Maya Ciarrocchi

Center for New Music, San Francisco, Oct. 6 2019


2021    I am not Prokofiev (4')

                 solo piano

2020    The Root (1'30")

                 fixed media

2020    Song Collector (40’)

            tenor voice, clarinet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, guitar, bass, piano, percussion

2019    Site: Yizkor (concert version) (30')

                 violin, clarinet, guitar, bass, voices, electronics, with video projections by Maya Ciarrocchi

2019    Site: Yizkor (video installation) (9')

            voice, electronics, with video by Maya Ciarrocchi

2018    Man on Stilts (4’)

            solo piano

2018    Parachutist (3’)

            solo piano

2017    Acrobats I–VI (5’)

            solo piano

2016    Field Reports (25’)

            alto (3), percussion (3), double bass, electronics 

2015    Family Fun Night (15”)

            flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, percussion

2015    Five Pieces for String Quartet (16’)

            string quartet, electronics (optional)

2015    Lands Beyond (19’)

            voice, guitar, autoharp, pump organ, piano, bass, percussion

2014    Hanging Mobiles (5’)

            solo piano

2014    In the Canopy (4’30”)

            voice, cello, electronics

2013    Drift (8’)

            solo vibraphone

2013    Poems for Children (7’20”)

            mezzo-soprano, bassoon, violin, piano

2013    Did you know when the time had come (6’)

            SATB chorus (two-part divisi)

2012    How Speaker (35’)

            voice, guitar, piano, double bass, electric bass, percussion

2012    Formation of Memories (7’)

            cello and voice (1 player)

2012    Floating (1’)

            oboe, trumpet

2012    Double Double (11’)

            oboe, english horn

2011    Just One More Question (6’ 20”)

            solo clarinet with electronics

2011    Sculpture I. (10’45”)

            flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, mezzo-soprano, violin, cello, piano

2010    Three Études for Percussion Duet (16’)

2010    If I Were More Like You (32’)

            voice, guitar, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trombone, double bass, pump organ, percussion

2010    Bundt

            bundt pan, Arduino, and battery-powered speaker

2009    Catalog

            installation: electronics, dewey decimal cards

2009    Sunday Morning (6’15”)

            orchestra ( perc-strings)

2008    Face to Face (12’)

            voice, guitar, synthesizer, electric bass, percussion

2008    For Service Telephone (4’30”)

            alto saxophone, tenor saxophone

2008    At the Marina I. (4’40”)

            fixed media

2008    Cell (9’)

            guitar (2), double bass, percussion

2007    Between Familiar Lines (21’)

            voice, guitar (2), piano, electric bass, percussion

2006    Seasongs (28’)

            voice, tenor saxophone, guitar, piano, percussion

2006    January Into February (40’)

            alto saxophone, tenor saxophone (2), trombone, guitar, double bass, percussion

2005    Bearing Edge (9’)

            tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, double bass, percussion

2005    I Like Music (9’)

            tenor saxophone, guitar, double bass, percussion