1-10: Site: Yizkor @ Bronx Museum of Art, New York

2-9: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Elliott A. Smart Performing Arts Center, Angels Camp, CA

3-21: Michael James Smith performs two pieces from Calder Project — Acrobats and Man on Stilts — @ National Association of Composers USA Annual Conference, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR POSTPONED DUE TO COVID

7-29: Site: Yizkor @ LABA Global (Virtual Event)


2-2 through 3-3: Exhibition of Site: Yizkor, an ongoing collaboration with artist Maya Ciarrochi @ 14th St Y, New York, NY.

3-15: Poems for Children performed at Contemporary Chamber Music Competition @ Ball State Univ. Festival of New Music

5-17: (guitar) Ben Goldberg's Archimedes Lullaby @ Jewish Community Center, Berkeley, CA

5-25: Pedagogy into Practice Conference @ UC Santa Barbara

8-12: Andrew Conklin's Yizkor Variations + Field Reports Pre-release @ Three's, Brooklyn

8-15: (guitar) Ben Goldberg's Octet @ The Stone, New York

10-6: Site: Yizkor @ Center for New Music, San Francisco

10-18: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ The Martin Hotel, Winnemucca, NV


2-3: (guitar) with Timosaurus @ The Mothership, Philadelphia, PA.

2-23: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY.

3-7: (guitar) with Michael Coleman and Austin Vaughn @ Three's Brewing, Brooklyn, NY. CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER

4-5: Michael James Smith premieres the next installment of the Calder Project @ West Chester University, PA.

4-7: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ The Owl, Brooklyn, NY.

4-14: Five Piece For String Quartet performed at Frontwave New Music Festival, Palm Beach Atlantic University, FL. CANCELED

5-30 through 6-26: Residency at Millay Colony, Austerlitz, NY. Made possible by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation.

7-13: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ The Palms, Winters, CA.

7-14: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ House Concert, Santa Cruz, CA.

7-15: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Green Center, Rohnert Park, CA.

8-10: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Point Richmond Summer Music Festival, Point Richmond, CA.

8-12: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Private Event, Belvedere, CA.

10-6: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Francisco, CA.

10-19: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Sofia Tsakapolous Center for the Arts, Sacramento, CA.

10-28: Preview performance of songs from Song Collector (forthcoming) @ Studio Grand, Oakland, CA.

11-17: (guitar) Ben Goldberg's Archimedes Lullaby @ Jewish Community Center, Berkeley, CA POSTPONED

11-18: Preview performance of songs from Song Collector (forthcoming) @ Amnesia, San Francisco, CA.

11-24: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, CA.

12-7: (guitar) improvised set with Nate Brenner, Hamir Atwal, Ross Peacock @ VAMP Music, Oakland, CA.


1-6: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, WI.

2-3: Five Pieces for String Quartet performed @ Florida State University Biennial Festival of New Music.

4-1: Spektral Quartet performs Five Pieces for String Quartet @ SCI National Conference, Western Michigan University.

4-28: Premiere of new piano work for Yumi Suehiro (Ensemble Mise-en) @ MISE-EN_PLACE, Brooklyn, NY

5-25: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ The Owl, Brooklyn, NY.

10-15: (guitar) with Enjoyer @ Three's Brewing, Brooklyn, NY.

11-18: solo set @ Alphaville, Brooklyn, NY.

11-19: (guitar) with Timosaurus @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY.


1-16: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ National Heritage Museum, Lexington, MA.
2-19: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ House Concert, Eugene, OR.
2-20: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ St. David of Wales Church, Portland, OR.
2-21: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Monday Musical Club of Tillamook, Tillamook, OR.
3-9: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ BAR, New Haven, CT.
3-10: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Cake Shop, New York, NY.
3-11: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Half Moon, Hudson, NY.
3-12: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Aurora, Providence, RI.
3-13: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ The Monkey House, Winooski, VT.
4-21: Yumi Suehiro performs my solo piano piece, “Hanging Mobiles,” @ Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY.
5-21: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ C'mon Everybody, Brooklyn, NY.
5-23: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, NY.

9-30: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Wide Open Bluegrass Festival, Raleigh, NC.

10-1: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Francisco, CA.

11-29: Performing a set of my songs @ Figure 8 Studios, Brooklyn, NY. Sharing a bill with the incomparable Michael Coleman.


1-17: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Unitarian Church, Grass Valley, CA.
1-18: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ House Show, San Francisco, CA.
1-19: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Era Art Bar, Oakland, CA.
1-21: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Gold Lion Arts, Sacramento, CA.
1-22: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ The Waypost, Portland, OR.
1-23: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Café Racer, Seattle, WA.
1-24: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ ABC House, Olympia, WA.
1-27: (guitar) with Miles Wick @ Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY.
1-31: (composer) @ New Music and Culture Symposium, SUNY Albany, NY.
2-7: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Academy of Music, Northampton, MA.
2-11: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ House Concert, New Haven, CT.
2-13: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Emelin Theatre, Mamaroneck, NY.
2-14: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Joe Val Festival, Framingham, MA.
2-28: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Wintergrass, Bellevue, WA.
3-6: (co-organizer) Music, Language, and Emotion Workshop @ Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY.
3-14: (guitar) with Miles Wick @ Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY.

4-21: Premiere of Family Fun Night, commissioned by ICE @ JACK, Brooklyn, NY.
5-6: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY.
5-14: (guitar) with Sam Ospovat’s PIKI @ Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, NY.
5-21: (guitar) with Michael Coleman’s Enjoyer @ Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, NY.
6-17: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Ham and Eggs, Los Angeles, CA.
6-18: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Amnesia, San Francisco, CA.
6-20: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Hickey Fest, Leggett, CA.
6-21: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Center for the Arts, Grass Valley, CA.
7-19: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Elvis Guesthouse, New York, NY.
9-19, 9-20: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Pickin’ in the Pines, Flagstaff, AZ.
10-2: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Pine Box Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY.
10-16: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY.
10-18: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Franky Bradley’s, Philadelphia, PA.
11-30: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ C'mon Everybody, Brooklyn, NY.


11-29: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ The Freight and Salvage, Berkeley, CA
11-11: Premiere of Hanging Mobiles for Jacob Greenberg (piano) @ Spectrum, New  York, NY
11-3: (guitar) with Sam Ospovat’s PIKI @ Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY
10-4: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Hardly Strictly, San Francisco, CA
7-26: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ RockyGrass, Lyons, CO
7-23: (guitar) with Timosaurus @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY
7-21: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ The Delancey, New York, NY
7-18: (guitar) with Timosaurus @ Panoply, Brooklyn, NY
7-4: (guitar) with Vaudrey @ The Space We Make: Interdependence, The Recovery Lounge, Upper Jay, NY
6-14,15: (bass) with Laurie Lewis @ Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival, Grass Valley, CA
5-16: (guitar) with Vaudrey @ Subculture, New York, NY
3-13: West coast première of D r i f t for James Beauton (solo vibraphone) @ Los Osos High School, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
2-17: (guitar) with Sam Kulik’s Escape from Society @ The Cake Shop, New York, NY.
2-12: (guitar) with Sam Ospovat’s PIKI @ The Cake Shop, New York, NY.
1-25: Five Pieces for String Quartet premiered by Stony Brook Chamber Ensemble, All Souls Church, Stony Brook, NY.
1-4: (guitar) with Michael Rocketship @ Chez Rimler, Oakland, CA


12-30: (guitar) with Parade @ Homeish, Oakland, CA
9-2: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Laughing Waters Bluegrass Festival, Minneapolis, MN.
8-31: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Delaware Country Bluegrass Festival, Woodstown, NJ.
8-30: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Barns of Rose Hill, Berryville, VA.
8-2: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Ford Amphitheatre, Los Angeles.
7-21: (guitar) with TV Mike and the Scarecrowes @ Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn.
7-20: (guitar) with TV Mike and the Scarecrowes @ Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust, Philadelphia.
7-19: (guitar) with TV Mike and the Scarecrowes @ Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia.
7-18: (guitar) with TV Mike and the Scarecrowes @ Union Pool, Brooklyn.
7-17: (guitar) with TV Mike and the Scarecrowes @ The Cake Shop, NYC.
6-16: Première of Poems for Children for mezzo-soprano, violin, bassoon, piano.  New Music on the Point, Leicester, VT.
5-6: Drift premiered by James Beauton, Staller Center, SUNY Stony Brook, noon.
4-18: (guitar) with Chris Cohen.  U Café, SUNY Stony Brook, 9pm.
4-12: (guitar) with Branic Howard and Rich Vaudrey.  LaMERG workshop, Wang Center, SUNY Stony Brook, 6:30pm.
4-2: Formation of Memories premiered by Susanna Mendlow.  Composers’ Concert, Staller Center, SUNY Stony Brook, 8pm.
3-23: Just One More Question performed by Chester Howard.  N_SEME, Temple University, 8pm.
1-23: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY.


2-8: (guitar) with Timosaurus @ Zebulon: Brooklyn, NY
6-22: Solo set @ Sugar Mountain: Oakland, CA
7-13: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ Swallow Hill: Denver, CO
7-14, 7-15: (bass) with Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands @ High Mountain Hay Fever Festival: Westcliffe, CO
9-27: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Glasslands: Brooklyn, NY
9-28: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Flywheel Collective: Northampton, MA
11-16: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Bennington College
11-18: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Hampshire College
11-22: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Festsaal Kreuzberg: Berlin, Germany
11-23: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Stengade: Copenhagen, Denmark
11-24: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Debaser: Malmo, Sweden
11-26: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Mono: Oslo, Norway
11-28: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Astra Stube: Hamburg, Germany
11-29: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Le Guess Who @ Ekko Festival: Utrecht, Amsterdam
11-30: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ AB: Brussels, Belgium
12-1: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Week-end Festival: Cologne, Germany
12-2: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Point Ephémère: Paris, France
12-4: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Bloom: Milan, Italy
12-5: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Circolo degli Artisti: Rome, Italy
12-6: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Teatro Della Tosse: Genoa, Italy
12-7: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Midi Festival – Crep Des Lices: Toulon, France
12-8: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Grrrd Zero: Lyon, France
12-9: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ La Peniche: Lille, France
12-10: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Prince Albert: Brighton, UK
12-11: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Nice & Sleazy: Glasgow, UK
12-12: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Trof Fallowfield: Manchester, UK
12-13: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ Start the Bus, Bristol, UK
12-14: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ The Lexington: London, UK
12-15: (guitar) with Chris Cohen @ De Nieuwe Anita: Amsterdam, Netherlands