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Gambler's Remorse


tenor, cello, piano


Commissioned by White Snake Projects

About Sing Out Strong: Incarcerated Voices

(from White Snake Projects website)

The pandemic has changed our entire way of life. It has changed the way we work, recreate, eat, learn, teach, interact with friends and family. It has forced us to confront the fact that life is precarious, fragile and precious. It has exposed the great divide in American society, with black and brown people disproportionately succumbing to the virus, as compared to white people. This is even truer for those who are incarcerated en masse and for the long term in our prison systems.

We've collected stories from writers experiencing incarceration about their experiences exiled from families, friends and community. We've heard about what they do, how they've been coping, their hopes, their fears, their families and their despair - anything they're moved to write about. We come away awed by their essential brilliance as they find new ways of dreaming, of communing, of living, of transcending.

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