Hanging Mobiles (5’)


solo piano

Commission: Jacob Greenberg (International Contemporary Ensemble)

Supported by the New York Foundation for the Arts

Premiere: Spectrum, New York, November 11, 2014

Additional Performances: Yumi Suehiro, Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY, April 21, 2016

Hanging Mobiles and Acrobats I-VI are the first two pieces in the Calder Project, a collection of short works for solo piano composed over the course of ten years, each composed for a different pianist and each inspired by a different aspect of the sculptural work of Alexander Calder. Hanging Mobiles, which was written for and premiered by Jacob Greenberg, draws inspiration from Calder’s kinetic sculptures, which often appear to be suspended in orbit, unaffected by the laws of gravity. Acrobats I-VI, which takes its name from Calder’s series of wire sculptures, is a set of micro-variations on a simple two-chord progression. The six variations are played back-to-back without pauses, and each is named for its distinct musical personality: I. Swaying; II. Tumbling, III. Balancing; IV. Leaping; V. Dancing; VI. Floating. Acrobats I-VI was composed for and is dedicated to Yumi Suehiro.