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Site: Yizkor Vancouver


string quartet


Commissioned by the Chutzpah! Festival

Premiere: November 19, 2022, at the Norman and Annette Rothstein Theatre, Vancouver BC

Program Note

In their collaboration, Site: Yizkor, Jewish Canadian multimedia artist Maya Ciarrocchi and composer Andrew Conklin explore questions like: Who honours the spaces left by the dead? How and why do people, cultures, and identities disappear?

This in-process interdisciplinary project explores the physical and emotional manifestation of loss through text, video, and music. Site: Yizkor is an autonomous multi-channel video/sound installation, an evening-length musical performance with a Vancouver string quartet in an immersive projected environment, exhibit of historic Yizkor books, and workshops where participants are invited to create their own Yizkor pages as away to mourn and commemorate lost people and places.

Co-presented with the Sidney & Gertrude Zack Gallery and in partnership with the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre.

Site: Yizkor is presented with the generous support of the Jewish Community Foundation.

Perusal Score
More About Site: Yizkor

A 15-minute documentary about the making of Site: Yizkor in Sichow Duzy, Poland, June 2022

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